Customer Management

You have identified who you want to sell to, you have grabbed their attention and now they are heading your way, but how do you ensure they receive the service they are expecting and why does it make a difference?

Customer care is crucial for you to succeed in your business.  Every contact a client has with your business is an opportunity for you to meet and exceed their expectations. The better your client feels after receiving your service the higher the chance that they will return and recommend you to others.    

Square 17 will work with you on a one to one basis to put procedures in place to maximise your customers’ satisfaction rates. Making customers happy will in return increase your sales and profitability.

We will enable you to see what your customers see and experience.  From your window display to how you answer the telephone or deal with a complaint, they will all contribute to whether a customer decides to buy from you or not. This will determine whether they go on to tell others about their dissatisfaction or become a loyal customer.

Please contact us to discuss how we can ensure that customer service in your business is working for you.