How we work

Sometimes it helps to get an external view of your business.  Nobody knows your business like you do but sometimes this knowledge can prevent you from seeing your business the way your customers do.  Having the benefit of a different perspective can add real value to your plans.

We spend time getting to know you and your business to establish how the business works and how it can develop. Whatever your business needs Square 17 can personalise our services to provide you with the help you need.

Square 17 offers a free informal meeting to enable you to talk to us about your business and what it is you would like to achieve.   This way we get to meet each other and identify how working together can get you the results you desire. 

When running a business the stepping back and reviewing 'how we do business' is not always at the front of our minds, there is always so many other priorities to contend with.  Square 17 offer a valuable outside perspective and offer advice on where your current opportunities can be maximised or identifying new opportunities.  We can take that look for you and work hand in hand with you and your staff to ensure that every opportunity is used to attract, satisfy and retain your customers whilst developing your in house processes and procedures to ensure consistency.*

This may take the form of an agreed number of days support per month or for the length of an agreed project.