Marketing is “the process by which your business finds and keeps customers” – meaning marketing is the key to keeping your business in business!

Many people believe Marketing is all about placing an ad then sitting back and waiting for customers to race to the door, but Marketing involves so much more and getting it right can make the difference between success or failure.

Square 17 can:

Every time an individual makes contact with your business, in person, over the telephone or reading your marketing material they are making assumptions on you and your business. Without thinking about it you are already marketing, but maybe not in a way you intend to. We will review your current marketing to ensure that what your customers see and experience is positive for your business.

We will show you how to determine your target market and then develop a plan to ensure that all your marketing activities are appealing and appropriate for that market.

We can work with you to plan your marketing activities and monitor their performance. This way we can identify the most effective methods of communicating for your business.

By evaluating what your customers see and experience, we can improve various aspects of your business which will increase customer satisfaction. Your pricing, staff and premises can all have a positive or negative effect on your customer’s opinion of your business.

Understanding your target market, customer needs and expectations and planning your marketing activities in advance will ensure that your money, time and efforts are not wasted. Sending out random disconnected messages will only create an uncertain image of your business for your customer. 

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